.” Maria is going for the Opera Soprano style of high-pitched singing ala early NIGHTWISH ..... All together this is the band’s finest work .     (Points: 8.2 out of 10) Strutterzine 2009   “Helen of Troy is in a opera style, same thing with “Queen of Tragedy”, with chorus and orchestration, makes this album one of the best I have listened to this year. I have to highlight that Maria posseses an amazing high voice and is a very good combination with the music that GW plays for this style.  This is the best album from this band from Los Angeles. I highly recommend it!” 2009 Lucas H. Gordon, Rock Journalist    Glass Wolfe  create a time of imaginary and adventurous worlds, dreamy, mysterious, exciting and epic atmospheres. Scenarios suspended between the literary, the meta-historic and the fairy. This time Maria insists much more on soprano-like interpretations and it is always a pleasure to listen to her singing, intense and vibrant. The lady has class. The one-two opening blow is shivering, "Emerald Lady" and "Rise Above" instantly enchanting, both imposing, with fantastic chorus and a songwriting which is accurate, elegant and velvety. A great album which confirms a great band. The artwork is amazing.” Marco .. Stereo Invaders 2009   “Philip .... sounds like Keith Emerson in a melodic metal jacket” Toine van Poorten  ...Netherlands ... Metal Maidens Magazine 2006    Voted  #  6 Rock Keyboardist in the world  ...  Burrn Magazine ...  Japan    “Philip had done  such an excellent job that  I believed that they had an orchestra behind them”  Antonis Maglaras ...  Power Play Records 2005   Toine van Poorten(Toine van Poorten . . . Metal Maidens Magazine 2009)     This is the third release from Californian duo Maria Glass, vocals/lyrics, and Philip Wolfe, keyboards/composer. This release sees them moving towards a more epic, progressive, symphonic metal sound, with songs based on great historical people, such as Helen of Troy and Julius Caesar. They are both highly experienced musicians, Maria has supplied lyrics for the likes of Keith Emerson, whilst her partner has performed with countless top rock acts such as Wasp and Angel. They are joined by a cast top rock musicians; Philip has obviously used his connections well. *** The music is in the vein of Rhapsody and Nightwish symphonic power metal, but with a strong classic heavy metal vibe. The whole album sounds like a lost classic from 1975, the golden age of hugely ambitious concept albums, and the giants of extravagant epic prog rock trod the Earth. Favourites include the powerful and melodic ‘Second Sight’, the gothic metal Within Temptation like ballad ‘Reflections’, and the brain battering ‘Tempest’. The multi part ‘Queen of Tragedy’ is superb, and ‘Second Site’ is extraordinary. Easily available on CD Baby, this is an hours worth of ambitious multifaceted music. 8.5 out of 10 "Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)     (Xotica) is more progressive this time, but still with the hard rock and metal style intact . . . more symphonic style . . . The vocals from Maria are just great where she shows us a wide register of vocal styles from the emotional calm to her fine soprano . . . instrumentation is entertaining with a lot of fine details on the keys and guitars!  The best album from Glass Wolfe so far in their career, so take your time and check them out!  95/100 Arne Asbolmo (Melodic Hard Rock Today)  ”