From the recording Xotica


Queen of Tragedy
QUEEN OF TRAGEDY(C) 2005 Glass/WolfeEPISODE 1Bright-eyed girl with so many dreams . . . things are not always what they seemSacrificed for the alliance . . . destined to be the Queen of FranceNever away from home before . . . wed to a weakling and a boreSeven years and still a virgin . . . grand spending is your diversionSent away for the good of your country . . . naive child, future Queen of TragedyNaive child . . . future Queen of TragedyEPISODE 2Isolation, it feels so cruel . . . you find you are the source of ridiculeThe marriage has you in despair . . . until the time you have an heirThe nation, it is in poverty . . . while you are living so lavishlyYour spending, it breeds resentment . . . you are the scapegoat for their discontentThey see your life is one big party . . . your favorites prosper, Queen of TragedyAvoiding all responsibility . . . selfish existence, Queen of TragedyEPISODE 3A necklace purchased in your name . . . but no one sees you without blameNow things have swung out of control . . . the public demands your blood, your soulA failed escape, it seals your fate . . . the attempt was made much too lateIn your palace a prisoner . . . set to face the executionerOn the road to ruin, but you don’t see . . . Madame Deficit, Queen of TragedyNo allies in a court full of enemies . . . hated foreigner, Queen of TragedyThe King is tried and they find him guilty . . . his last night’s with the Queen of TragedyEPISODE 4You are so strong until the day . . . they come to take your son awayThey fill his head with lies so vile . . . that surface against you at your trialThe speech you give moves all around . . . but death’s the verdict that’s handed downNow all alone, you face the truth . . . shadow of the blade looms over youSentenced to death, you get no sympathy . . . no love lost for the Queen of TragedyTo the scaffold, ill-fated family . . . no escape for the Queen of TragedyTrying to retain your strength and dignity . . . end is here for the Queen of TragedyIn the end you met your destiny . . . Forever known as the Queen of Tragedy