Glass Wolfe - Maria K. Glass - Vocals, Lyrics; Philip Wolfe - Keyboards, 7 String Guitar, 5 String Bass, Orchestration, Woodwinds

Glass Wolfe has just released their fourth CD, Immortus Eternus, about a female psychic that becomes immortal and travels through time.  Depending on the era, she is either revered or in danger.  Along the way, she falls for a Roman gladiator, who is mortal, and is followed by an evil character who is also immortal.  Will good triumph over evil?


   Glass Wolfe                                          

Special Guests on Immortus Eternus;  

Deakon Lekross - Lead Guitar
Kevin Therrien - Drums


Branden James - Tenor
Diana Briscoe - Soprano
Miyuki KImura - Soprano
Sara Watson - Soprano
Rachel Brown - Alto

Sharyn Engel - Photography

Neil Citron - Mixing and Mastering


Glass Wolfe was formed in 1998 by vocalist / lyricist Maria Glass and keyboardist / producer Philip Wolfe . Their Debut CD was released in October 2001 .  The band has been featured on several cable TV shows and KLOS radio’s Local Licks Program,  and many Internet radio shows inc.    .... and reviewed and interviewed across the globe.


  Maria Glass is from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and left home and family for the rock music scene of LA. She is the vocal powerhouse and lyricist for the band.  She has also written lyrics for Keith Emerson (ELP) and appeared in the movie “Say Anything” and the TV series “Houston Knights”.  She has played the local club circuit with a Tribute to the females of classic rock as well as in her former band UV17. 


  Philip Wolfe is a veteran of the LA music scene and has played keyboards with WASP, KEEL, IMPELLITTERI  (#1 in Japan 1988),  ROX DIAMOND, XYZ,  NRG, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, ANGEL, ATTAKK and others.   In 1992, he embarked on a Monsters of Rock tour with WASP, IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, and  later recorded sessions with many, many others.  He appeared on MTV’s Headbangers Ball with IMPELLITTERI, and on video discs in Japan with IMPELLITTERI and ROX DIAMOND.  Philip recently appeared at the 2008 FireFest in Nottingham, England with ROX DIAMOND. Philip also has several CD Rom sound libraries reviewed and advertized for many years in Keyboard magazine, Electronic Musician, Sound on Sound, and in the Pro Tools Developers Catalog. 



  1n 2005 Glass Wolfe released their 2nd CD PREDATOR, which featured many guest stars, including, on guitar: Neil Citron (Steve Vai, Lana Lane), Stuart Smith (Heaven and Earth, ), Howie Simon ( Jeff Scott Soto), Iain Ashley Hersey , Ray Schenck (Hellion),  On bass:  Dario Sexias ( Firehouse) and Kurt Barabas (Under the Sun).  On drums: Stefan Svensson . On backup vocals:  Swan Montgomery  (Led Zepagain), Paul Daniels (Rox Diamond)    


 in 2009 Glass Wolfe  released their 3rd CD  XOTICA which includes 2 mini Metal / Operas ...“Helen Of Troy” and “Queen Of Tragedy”  featuring Symphonic Orchestration, Choirs and great guest stars. Xotica features Chris Slade on Drums (AC/DC), 

Rudy Sarzo on Bass  (Ozzy / Whitesnake / Dio), Alex Masi, Neil Citron and others on Guitar, a Duet with Paul Daniels  ( Rox Diamond ) and Art Work by the incomparable

Ed Unitsky.  




GLASS WOLFE-Immortus Eternus (independent)  

Metal Maidens Review (Netherlands)  

This is already the fourth CD of GLASS WOLFE,. It contains fifteen tracks, that will rock your world for a full hour. The clear vocals of Maria K. Glass are combined with the wild creative expressions by multi-instrumentalist Philip Wolfe. Their music is sometimes dreamy and at other times heavy. The songs are part of a concept story about a female psychic, who becomes immortal and travels through time encountering many big names in history. The story starts off with “Immortality” and a mix of gothic, melodic rock, progressive elements and fantasy metal is being spread out here. Next to Maria’s voice, there is enough room for choir vocals. “Grand Ambition” contains some dark male vocals as well. They sound like grunts, but are less evil. The medieval sound of GLASS WOLFE is leaning toward a mix of NIGHTWISH, IN EXTREMO and BLACKMORE’S NIGHT influences. The songs definitely rock and are very nice to listen to. In “Sacred Rites” lead guitarist is standing in the spotlight and he plays a nice solo on this track. “Arena Of Blood” is a song about a warrior and his fight results to a much more heavy sound. The choir vocals also match very well to this more powerful approach. “Stolen Moments” is quite the opposite of what we’ve been hearing until now. It sounds sensitive and fragile, like campfire music with beautiful choir vocals. Hold this in your mind, because “Druids Lament” is in the same style. “Pendragon” on the other hand sounds a bit more up-tempo and rocks. However, for those about to rock, GLASS WOLFE salutes you in “Defenders Of The Faith”. Raise your fist in the air to the sound of this heavy pounder. The male brutal vocals match very well to the power in this song. “Forsaken” has more moody choir vocals and the beautiful voice of Maria does do justice here very well. “Visionary” is up-tempo and rocks hard. “Without Mercy” is one of the highlights on this CD for me. “Dark Forces” doesn’t have a dark sound, which you probably would expect. “Soulmates” continues this melodic travel through time. Especially in this one, my mind goes out to NIGHTWISH here. It really sounds magnificent. “Divide And Conquer” has more very nice guitar work. The choir vocals are a bit more up-front here, but the guitar solos are moving their way through this. The journey ends with a drumroll in the short song “Enlightment”. After all is said and done, the main question remains if good will ever really triumph over evil. And is immortality a possibility? I think, that you have to decide for yourself. Although the choir vocals sometimes dominate the beautiful voice of Maria, the melodic rock is highly enjoyable. These people have been playing music for a long time and they deserve our support, because their music sounds very diverse and sometimes even innovative. GLASS WOLFE consists of Maria K. Glass on vocals, Philip Wolfe on guitar, bass and keyboards. They called in the help of Deakon Lekross on guitar, Kevin Therrien on drums, Branden James on tenor vocals, Diana Briscoe on soprano vocals, Miyuki Kimura on soprano vocals and Sara Watson on soprano vocals, and Rachel Brown on alto vocals. Visit their website at: [7 points] (Toine van Poorten)