1. The Tempest

From the recording Xotica


The Tempest
THE TEMPESTGlass/WolfeIn a faraway land and a long ago timeAn age so beautiful and sublimeRocky shoreline overlooks the seaPicture of peace and tranquilityOn the horizon lurks a shadow of doomA vision that’s dark and cold as a tombIt is the Tempest . . . out there in the nightUnleashes it’s fury . . . thunder and lightSoon it is seen, it draws ever nearerThe threat that it causes can never be clearerPeople all scatter and run for their livesOnly with luck they hope to surviveIn no time at all it reaches the shoreAnd wreaks its vengeance all the moreIt is the Tempest . . . it’s run agroundTurns the city upside downThe winds, they howl, the trees, they do bendThose left behind fear it’s the endRain pelts the ground like tears from the skyMisery pours down from on highA show of force is felt all overIt’s pointless to try to run for coverIt is the Tempest . . . the storm unleashedStriking when it’s expected the leastIt is the Tempest . . . expected the leastStriking the city . . . the storm unleashed